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  • Regulation amendments in 28th Research Board (Dt: 28th February, 2017)New

  • List of Journals - Annexure -I & II - Removal of certain Journals (Dt: 28th February, 2017)New

  • Issue of Provisional Certificate List (Dt: 21st February, 2017) New

  • Issue of Provisional Certificate List (Dt: 25th January, 2017) New

  • Issue of Provisional Certificate List (Dt: 25th January, 2017) New

  • Issue of Provisional Certificate List (Dt: 2nd January, 2017)

  • Payment of semester fees for January 2017 Session (Dt: 02nd Janaury, 2017)

  • Ph.D./M.S./M.Tech. (By Research) Submission of progress report (Dt: 22nd November, 2016)

  • Updated List of Journals - 2016 - Revised (Dt: 21st September 2016)

  • Instructions to scholars / supervisors regarding URKUND (Dt: 30th March, 2016)

  • Ph.D./ M.S./M.Tech. (By Research) programme - July 2016 Extension of Time (Dt: 29th March, 2016)

  • Notification for Submission of Synopsis/Thesis (Dt: 11th March 2016)

  • Regulation Amendments (Dt: 27th February, 2016)

  • Revised list of Journals in Annexure I,Annexure II and Updated List of Journals-2016 for Synopsis Submission (Dt: 19th February, 2016)


  • Violation of Regulations in Special Electives (Dt: 26th October, 2015)

  • Conduct of Course work Examinations (Dt: 26th October, 2015)

  • Anna University enters the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS (Dt: 13th August, 2015)

  • Regulation amendments1 (Dt: 15th June, 2015)

  • Regulation amendments (Dt: 30th January 2015)

  • New supervisor recognition number – revised – order - issued (Dt: 22th January 2015)

  • Regulation amendments in 24th Research Board (Dt: 19th November, 2014)

  • Revised list of Journals in Annexure I and II for Synopsis Submission

  • Refer Annexure-I for Refereed Journal(Version 2014.1)

  • Refer Annexure-II for Refereed Journal(Version 2014.2)

  • Attention to Anna Centenary Research Fellows Regarding submission of claim bill

  • Certain guidelines to be followed (Dt: 7th Febuary, 2014)

  • Instructions to the Scholars and Supervisors(Dt: 10th August, 2013)

  • List of Ph.D. Awardees of Anna University from the Inception