Anna University, Chennai - 600 025.
    The details of recognized supervisors mentioned below are provided based on his/her application for supervisor recognition. The recognized supervisor working in the recognized department (refer sec(i) to(iv) in the list of recognized research department) available in the website Click Here shall only act as Supervisor. Supervisors working in the recognized R&D Center/non-recognized research Departments of Engineering College/Architecture Schools affiliated to this University shall function only as Joint Supervisor.
    Some of the supervisors listed below may have migrated to other University or retired on superannuation. Hence the candidates are instructed to ensure the present details of the supervisor(s).
Sl.No Ref. No Sup. Name Department College/Organisation Research Area Email
1 3160001 Chandramathy I Department of Architecture Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai-625015 Urban Heat Island, Landscape, Urban Open Spaces cmarch@tce.edu
2 2860001 Jinu Louishidha Kitchley J Department of Architecture Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai - 625015 Energy Efficient Architecture, Settlement Planning, Computational Design jlkitchley@gmail.com
3 9960002 Monsingh David Devadas School of Architecture and Planning MEASI Academy of Architecture Energy Efficient Architecture, Greenbuildings, Sustainable Architecture, Town Planning monsingh@measiarch.net
4 2160003 Radhakrishnan S Dept. of Architecture Prime Nest College of Architecture and Planning, Tiruchirapalli Architecture and Planning rk_arch@yahoo.co.in
5 9960004 Ranee Maria Leonie Vedamuthu Department of Architecture Mohamed Sathak AJ Academy of Architecture,,Chennai Traditional and Vernacular Architecture raneev@annauniv.edu
6 2360005 Shanthi Priya R Dept. of Architecture Thiagarajar College of Engg., Madurai Building Physics, Vernacular Studies, Energy Simulation, Thermal Comfort Studies shanthipriyatce@gmail.com
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