Anna University Centre for Research

Centre For Research Anna University, Chennai



     1.  The applicant should possess Ph.D. degree in the relevant area of research in which he/she has carried out           the research and the supervisorship will be awarded in the same faculty in which his/her Ph.D. degree is           awarded.
     2. The regular Full-time teaching faculty in the University Departments / University Colleges / Colleges           affiliated to the University and Full time Scientists of State / National Laboratories of Government of India           located within the Tamil Nadu are eligible to apply for Supervisorship.
     3.  The applicant should have research publications (full length research articles in regular issue) in journals as           detailed below :
          3.1.  Regular Full time Professor shall have at least five publications to his/her credit. Out of the five            journal publications, a minimum of two publications must be from the journals listed in the Centre for
          Research website (Annexure I) and three publications in UGC-CARE listed journal.
          3.2.  Regular Full time Associate Professor/ Assistant Professor shall have atleast two publications to his/her
         credit in journals listed in Centre for Research Website (Annexure I).
          3.3.  Applicant shall be the first/second author (in case his/her Student/ Supervisor is the first author)/
         corresponding author in the publications. The credit of the published paper will be granted to only one of the
         authors for awarding the supervisorship. The published paper content should be in the relevant area of
         research of the applicant and within the scope of the Journal. If plagiarism is ascertained in the publications
         of the applicant, the application will be summarily rejected and the applicant will not be permitted to
         apply for supervisorship for the next Two years.
     4.  The applicant who fulfills the norms will be recognized as supervisor based on the recommendation of the           Faculty Chairperson concerned and approval of the Research Board.
     5.  Supervisors working in the non recognized research Departments of affiliated Engineering Colleges/           Architecture Schools situated within Tamil Nadu shall function only as Joint Supervisor.
     6.  A Supervisor shall entertain registration of new scholars under his/her supervision up to the age of (i) 60           years (i.e. till retirement) and after 58 while taking new scholars a joint supervisor should be included for           University Departments / Govt. / Govt.-aided Institutions (ii) 65 years and after 63 while taking new scholars           a joint supervisor should be included for affiliated institutions. .
    7.  The recognized Supervisors of this University shall not obtain supervisorship status from any other           University. However, the recognized Supervisors can function as Joint Supervisor for scholars working in           association with other reputed Universities which have MoU with Anna University.
    8.  Any violation of Ph.D. regulations by the Supervisor/Joint Supervisor shall lead to the withdrawal of the           supervisorship either permanently or for a maximum period of five years and they shall be debarred from           guiding the existing scholars in the University till such period.