Anna University Centre for Research

Centre For Research Anna University, Chennai

 1. Type of Organization Goverment Organization    non Government Organization
Name of the Engineering College / Industry : standing minimum of 5 years respectively
Name of the Department/R&D centre for which recognition required

For Engineering Colleges (except for Applied Sciences)

       a. Name of the PG programme(s)
       b. Month & Year of PG programme started
       (Minimum of 5 years standing required)
       c. Number of present intake
Details of faculty members having Ph.D.
4.1 Minimum two faculty members with Ph.D. Degree in core/allied specialization are required.
4.2 Each faculty member should be a recognized supervisor of this University and having a minimum of one year experience (Applicable only for University affiliated Institutions / Engineering Colleges)
Nature of works undertaken by the Institution/Organization
Infrastructure facilities available
       a. Laboratory Facilities : Mention the laboratories available in the Department
       b. Major Equipments
       (Related to research only)
       c. Minor Equipments
       (Related to research only)
       d. Special Equipments, if any
       (Related to research only)
       e. Library:
              No. of Books/Monographs
              No. of Journals
              No. of E-journals subscription
       f. Computer & Internet Facilities : No. of Terminals & Band width
       g. Special software available
       (Related to research only)
Seminar/Symposia/Workshop Organized in the Department/R&D centre
Address for Communication
       Organization Website URL
Any other relevant details pertaining to research